Safety Culture

Policies & Procedures

Jobsite safety must be considered during all phases of construction.  Consolidated Contracting Services, Inc. (CCSI) employees receive a Safety Manual upon commencing employment outlining our Injury and Illness Prevention Plan and our strong adherence to all OSHA regulations.  Each employee is required to attend weekly safety meetings and to turn in a safety report on each topic discussed. 

Our staff works closely with an external safety consultant who periodically spot checks job sites for compliance.  In addition to the weekly jobsite safety meetings, all field personnel attend monthly staff meetings stressing the importance of monitoring safety of subcontractors, as well as all personnel on the job sites.  Material Safety Data Sheets are also reviewed and maintained on the job sites by our superintendents. 

It is through this constant commitment and education that we have successfully managed to remain accident free at our job sites. Subcontractors are aware of our strict policies and know that if they do not follow all regulations they will not be allowed on the job. 

Commitment to Safety Culture

CCSI retains very stringent policies in regard to the health and safety. Please reference the Injury and Illness Preventioon Plan, which demonstrates the severity of our commitment to maintaining a culture of safety for all employees and subcontractors. 

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