Mission Hills Phase 3A & B

Mission Hills Phase 3A & B
Rose Hills Cemetery Park
Whittier, CA

Architect: Clark & Green 

Project Description: This project included mass grading with over excavation and rock removal of subsurface for burial inventory. The scope of work included the development of a new street and associated utilities ,concrete work, and decorative concrete and tile work. This project was built in two seperate and succesive phases to meet the client’s grand opening date. Elements of civil work were perfromed at night in order to not interfere with the public. 

Special Features: Decorative colored concrete flatwork with center feature fountain, retaining wall with stone veneer and urn niche were incorporated into wall with tile mosaic feature. Elements of precast stone were installed at both the center feature fountain and niche wall, as well as decorative wrought iron railings, lawns and additional landscaping.

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