Hewlett-Packard iHome

Hewlett-Packard iHome
Rancho Bernardo, CA

Designer: Conwell Shonkwiler & Associates


Completed construction of a 625-s.f. space in three weeks
Vaulted ceilings and cathedral ceilings installed within acoustical ceiling structure

Within a three-week construction schedule, our team managed scheduling and quality control for 11 different subcontractors to complete the construction of a small-scale model apartment inside an existing library. The apartment provides Hewlett-Packard engineers with the space and home-like atmosphere to test new product ideas. The mock apartment includes a kitchen, bedroom, dining room, closet and living room/entryway. The kitchen is enhanced by wood flooring, the dining room/living room areas host a vaulted-to-cathedral-ceiling architectural transition, and the residential-like windows include a mock exterior view. 

The scope of work included demolition, requiring the removal of walls, acoustical ceiling and carpet. Rough and finish carpentry were used to install a residential wood door, residential wood baseboard on interior walls, millwork in the kitchen area, drywall, carpeting and wood flooring, residential door assemblies, residential windows, and cobblestone flooring at the entryway. Additional work included painting, installation of an HVAC system, a fire sprinkler system, electrical work, telephone lines and security - including card access entry and security cameras.

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