Gateway to Temecula

Gateway to Temecula
Pacific Real Estate
Temecula, CA

Architects: Walter R. Allen & Associates; Frederick Designs

Gateway to Temecula is a retail shopping center which not only serves as a beautiful entry point into Temecula, but also as a gathering place for Temecula residents and visitors for shopping, dining, and working. 

CCSI constructed four main buildings of this 61,000-square-foot shopping center. Building A holds a two-story Extra Mile convenience store with offices upstairs. This one-of-a-kind gas station shop includes a car wash, wine cellar, and a boutique Chronic Tacos restaurant. Building B includes two retail stores that were developed into the Pizza Press and a Verizon Wireless store. Building C was developed into a Starbucks with a spacious outdoor patio and drive-through. And finally building D, with a total square-footage of 8,000  was developed into a two-story building, with spaces for two stores on the first floor, and office spaces on the second floor.



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