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“Never underestimate the value of good health. Your health impacts

every moment of your life.”

– Zero Dean

There are few things more valuable than good health in the world today. Here at CCSI, we know this through the partnerships we have built with non-profit healthcare facilities over these last 30 years. We understand that health is a big deal. With this in mind, we decided to take action toward promoting good health and fitness by providing a great opportunity for our employees.

In January of this year, we partnered with 24 Hour Fitness to offer our staff, as well as their family and friends, a company-sponsored membership. To further our commitment to the health of our employees, in March we hosted a month-long fitness contest supporting and encouraging exercise to any and all employees who chose to participate. The contest was a hit – with better than expected participation and amazing results.

The idea of a wellness program at CCSI had been floated around for the last two years but never gained any traction until one of our project engineers, Matt Murawski, was given the go-ahead to initiate a partnership with 24 Hour Fitness. A Marine reservist, Murawski understands the crucial benefits of physical fitness. He knew he needed to keep up with his workouts despite his busy schedule.  

“Ultimately, I was looking for ways to improve my own fitness and how I could fit the gym into my schedule. That turned into an incredible benefit that supports not just me but all of us here at CCSI in meeting personal goals,” Murawski said.

Wellness programs can mean less sick days, more clarity and increased productivity in the workplace. In fact, studies show just one workout releases neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and non-adrenaline which directly increase an individual’s mood and energy levels. Regular exercise is also proven to lower the risk of chronic disease, increase memory, build bone density, and so much more.

Through Murawski’s efforts and the support of our leaders here at CCSI, these benefits are now a reality for our employees!

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