CCSI Begins Construction on School for Children in Under-Served Communities in Los Angeles

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San Clemente, Calif.- (Oct. 17, 2018) – Consolidated Contracting Services, Inc. (CCSI), a leading Southern California general contractor, has partnered with Pacific Charter School Development on the creation of a new 125,000-square-foot Bright Star Schools campus in Los Angeles.

The school, designed by Berliner Architects, will have a total of 21 classrooms, a gym, and a 3-story, 40,000-square-foot building that will consist of administrative and support spaces. The new campus will become the home of Stella Middle Charter Academy. 

CCSI principal, Jose “Tony” Elias-Calles, understands the type of opportunity these charter schools offer, as an immigrant from Cuba and a former child of poverty.

“My parents left Cuba in 1965 and came to America to provide their children with an opportunity for a better life. Our work with the charter schools represents just that for us. We are part of providing an opportunity for a better life through education,” says Elias-Calles.

Bright Star Schools is a non-profit charter management organization that operates a network of eight high-performing, tuition-free public charter schools in the Los Angeles communities of West Adams/Baldwin Village, Koreatown, and the San Fernando Valley. According to Bright Star Schools, Stella Middle currently enrolls around 500 middle school students; 93 percent of the students qualify for the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program, 99 percent are students of color, 28 percent are English Learners and 12 percent have learning disabilities. Although public schools in the area are serving a similar demographic, Stella continues to produce superior test scores through Bright Star’s focus on holistic, inclusive support, rigorous academics, and rich life experiences.

Previously, students have been split between two campuses, one of which required students to be bussed 45 minutes to an offsite location. The new space will allow students to generate a larger sense of community as they strive to capitalize on the educational opportunities they have been provided.

CCSI finished the demolition of the previous site in August and is moving forward with the grading process. Construction of the three-story building will begin this month. 

For non-profit organization, Pacific Charter School Development, the campus will add to the list of 67 others that outperform local school districts by 85 percent and have served nearly 30,000 students. The campus is set to be open in fall 2019.


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